The project consists of 10 highly interconnected work packages.

The main aim of WOOD-UP is the valorisation of wood biomass gasification chain in South Tyrol, according to principles of economic and ecological sustainability. This target will be achieved following the Life Cycle and Scenario Analysis method (WP 10). This approach needs data on flows of mater and energy that will be collected during the project. Initially, the state of the art of the current biomass gasification chain will be analysed for its energy efficiency and economic sustainability (WP3). This will represent the basis for the identification of possible strategies and technical solutions to improve the technologies currently used in Bolzano’s Province (WP 6). At the same time, the biochar produced by pyrolysis and gasification plants within the Province of Bolzano will be characterized for a number of physical and chemical properties, in order to evaluate its suitability to be used in agriculture as organic amendment (WP5). The effect of different biochars on productivity, water and nitrogen (N) use efficiency of vineyards and apple orchards in South Tyrol will be assessed in field trials (WP7, WP8).

The suitability of biochar as a strategy to increase C sequestration in agricultural soils and to mitigate climate change will be assessed by analysing the effect of biochar on soil C balance and greenhouse gases emission (WP 9).

Finally, a further valorisation of woody biomass before its use for energy production, through the extraction of high-value compounds for pharmaceutical and food industry will be evaluated in WP4. The results of the project will have potential benefits on strategic sectors of the economy of South Tyrol (energy, agriculture, and environment).