During WP6 the following activities will be carried out:

  • Identification of critical properties of biochar which characterize its applicability as soil amendment and correlation with production technologies through the comparison with chars obtained in controlled conditions;
  • Comparative assessment with reference bio-chars provided by the UK Biochar Research Centre;
  • Identification of strategies and scenarios for modifying the current South Tyrolean pyrolysis-gasification technologies to improve char quality;
  • Elaboration of a unified business plan tool, to determine economic viability of different gasification technologies.

The activities will be performed by FUB, suiting the competences of the Industrial Technical Physics group and the Facilities of Bioenergy & Biofuels LAB for the production of char in controlled conditions, the comparative assessment and the technical analysis of possible plants modifications for enhancing the char properties. FUB will also take advantage of the collaboration with IDM Südtirol/Alto Adige for the economic analysis of the proposed strategies and scenarios. The activities will be structured into 4 tasks