The authorized gasification plants running on a regular basis in South Tyrol are currently 36 (update May 2015, GAST Project).

During WP3 the following activities will be carried out:

  • Updating of the state-of-the-art of gasification technologies in South Tyrol, with respect to the previous knowledge, through the scouting of new technologies eventually installed;
  • Characterization of the flows of biomass used for energy purpose in gasification plants in South Tyrol and assessment of the present disposal route of the produced char
  • Analysis of the gasification technologies available in South Tyrol and choice of the most promising ones in the view of the production of char suitable as soil amendment;
  • Analysis of the main operation parameters of representative gasification plants through integrated sensors and ad hoc on-site measurements, in order to track the char origin, and collection of char samples which will be characterized and used for the field experiments.


The activities will be performed by FUB taking advantage of the collaboration with IDM Südtirol/Alto Adige for the updating of the state of the art, the characterization of biomass and char flows, the analysis of the actual laws and prescriptions about handling of chars and for the identification of the most representative plants. These plants will be then monitored on-site by FUB, collecting the biochars samples which will be used in the next WPs.